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Bronx car accident personal injury case

Back injuries are one of the most common types of car accident injuries that often lead to fractures and herniated discs. Many victims ignore such injuries and consider them minor, but this perspective couldn’t be more incorrect. In reality, such injuries can cause severe pain or discomfort, and ignoring symptoms may lead to lifelong back issues. 

At Uptown Injury Law, PLLC, we understand the severity of such accident injuries. Our skilled car accident attorneys in the Bronx have over 15 years of experience helping car accident victims get the compensation they deserve. Our team has the expertise to deal with complex back injury claims in Bronx, NY. So, don’t wait and send your case details to us for a FREE CASE REVIEW today, or give us a call at 917-540-8728

How Can a Bronx Car Accident Back Injury Lawyer Help You?

If you get hurt in an accident in the Bronx, a car accident lawyer at Uptown Injury Law, PLLC can assist you. Our team can provide you with all the necessary evidence and resources to prove your case in court and handle the claims process on your behalf. 

In addition, our attorney will also identify all the parties responsible for the accident, hold them accountable, and increase your chances of winning your case. 

Here’s how our seasoned lawyers at Uptown Injury Law, PLLC, can help you after a Bronx car crash:

1. Provide You With All the Resources You Need to Prove Your Case 

Our attorneys have experience in handling car accident cases and understand the importance of having the right resources to build a strong case. We’ll work with trusted accident reconstruction experts to gather vital evidence to prove your claim, such as:

  • Police reports
  • First and third-party witness testimonies
  • Security footage
  • Dashcam footage

2. Increase Your Chances of Winning Your Case

Winning a personal injury car accident case can be challenging, especially if you suffered a back injury and are confined to bed. However, our team of experienced personal injury attorneys can increase the chances of winning your case. Our legal team has successfully recovered over $100 million in personal injury cases for clients like you. 

If necessary, we will build a solid legal strategy to support your claim and fight for your rights in court. We understand that a car accident can take a severe toll on your emotional, physical, and financial well-being, which is why we offer compassionate and personalized legal representation at every step.

3. Handle Your Claims Process on Your Behalf 

Our lawyers have a deep understanding of New York legal system and know how to handle the claims process efficiently. We can pursue your personal injury claim, ensuring that your case is presented in your best interests. In addition to gathering all the necessary evidence, we’ll support you in various ways, such as: 

  • Check your insurance policy and explain your rights or options.
  • Our team will undertake all communications with the insurance company and negotiate to secure a fair settlement.
  • We will evaluate settlement offers, providing clear advice on whether to accept or negotiate further.
  • Our lawyers will ensure all required documents are accurately completed and submitted within the legal timeframe. 
  • We can also represent you in mediation or arbitration to settle your claim without a court trial.   

We understand that going through a personal injury claim can be overwhelming, so we will handle all the necessary processes so you can focus on your recovery without any added stress. Our expertise and dedication will ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your case. If your case goes to trial, we’ll defend your rights in the courtroom to maximize your compensation.

4. Look for All the Responsible Parties in Your Accident 

In some cases, there may be multiple parties responsible for your back injury in a Bronx car crash. Our team of skilled car accident lawyers can help you pinpoint all the responsible parties and hold them accountable for their actions.

We will conduct an extensive investigation to identify who is responsible for your injuries. We will interview witnesses, work with accident reconstruction specialists, and gather all the necessary evidence to build a strong case on your behalf. Furthermore, our lawyers will negotiate with the insurance companies of all responsible parties to ensure that you receive rightful compensation.

Types of Back Injuries Common in Bronx Car Accidents

Car accidents can result in various types of back injuries and lead to severe consequences. In the Bronx, the most common back injuries that occur in car crashes include:

  • Herniated disc
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Back sprains and strains
  • Whiplash
  • Facet joint injuries
  • Broken bone fractures
  • Lumbar sprains
  • Soft tissue injuries

What Should You Do if You Hurt Your Back in a Car Accident?

If you suffer a back injury from a car accident, especially if it wasn’t your fault, taking immediate action is crucial for your health and securing maximum compensation. First, evaluate any injuries you have sustained, then call 911 to ensure you receive medical help and the incident is formally documented. After this, make sure to undergo a thorough medical evaluation by a healthcare provider. This step is important to document all your car accident injuries.

Finally, consider reaching out to a Bronx car accident attorney at Uptown Injury Law, PLLC. With 15+ years of expertise in auto accident claims, we know how to fight for your rights. We’ll handle the complex litigation process, negotiate with an insurance provider on your behalf, and advocate for your right to seek fair compensation. 

Proving Fault in Bronx Back Injury Cases

Collecting extensive evidence is essential to successfully prove fault in a back injury case in the Bronx. This includes gathering statements from witnesses, securing police and medical reports, and obtaining any available video recordings. 

Additionally, it’s essential to clearly outline the events leading to the accident, considering factors such as vehicle speed, weather conditions, and any potential road hazards. Several parties could potentially be at fault in such accidents, such as:

  • Another vehicle’s driver.
  • The driver’s employer if the crash occurred during work-related duties.
  • A pedestrian who may have played a role in the incident.
  • Government entities responsible for maintaining road safety.

You can also use experts in accident reconstruction or other relevant fields to strengthen your case further. Their insights establish a direct link between the negligence or reckless behavior of the at-fault party and your back injury. Your claim should convincingly argue that:

  • The negligence of the other party was the root cause of the accident.
  • This accident directly resulted in your back injuries.
  • The losses you claim are a direct result of the accident and the injuries it caused.

With compelling evidence and the support of skilled legal representation, you stand a strong chance of obtaining compensation for your medical expenses, lost earnings, and other related losses. To achieve progress in your case, contact our Bronx car accident lawyer at Uptown Injury Law, PLLC. Our team is committed to guiding you through the claims process and ensuring you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

What Damages Will Be Available After a Back Injury Car Accident in Bronx? 

Bronx car accident case car accident attorney

After sustaining a back injury in a car accident in the Bronx, you may be eligible to recover compensation for several types of damages you may have incurred. These damages are usually divided into two categories: economic and non-economic.

Economic damages might cover the following:

  • Lost wages and employee benefits
  • Decrease in your vehicle’s value
  • Rental car expenses
  • Higher auto insurance premiums
  • The gap between your vehicle’s current worth and its remaining loan balance
  • Potential future earnings loss
  • Medical expenses, including prescriptions and over-the-counter medications
  • Travel expenses related to medical appointments and co-pays
  • Costs for medical devices and necessary equipment
  • Home modification costs for accessibility

Non-economic damages address losses that are intangible and more difficult to calculate, such as:

  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of companionship, guidance, and protection
  • Diminished love and support
  • Loss of life quality
  • Pain and suffering
  • Humiliation and loss of dignity
  • Damage to reputation
  • Scarring and disfigurement

In certain situations, you may receive punitive damages as well. The court awards them when the defendant’s behavior is found to be especially harmful, such as acts of gross negligence or intentional misconduct. For instance, if the responsible driver has previous DUI charges, the courts may impose punitive damages to penalize and deter such behavior.

What Is the Average Back Injury Car Accident Settlement? 

The compensation for back injuries resulting from car accidents can vary widely, with settlements typically ranging between $12,000 and $90,000. Since each car accident case is unique, accurately predicting a settlement amount is challenging without a thorough evaluation. 

Lawyers specializing in car accidents start by assessing your financial losses, such as medical costs, lost income, and potential future earnings. Your settlement may vary depending on the following circumstances:

  • The severity of your injury
  • Whether the injury caused disfigurement
  • If the injury results in permanent disability
  • The need for ongoing or future medical treatments, such as surgeries or long-term care
  • Your role in the accident, if any
  • The insurance coverage limits involved
  • Cases involving gross negligence or particularly reckless behavior by the other party

For personalized guidance and to better understand the potential value of your claim, our Bronx car accident attorneys at Uptown Injury Law, PLLC are here to help. Contact us at 917-540-8728 for a complimentary consultation, where we’ll review your case in detail and advise on the possible worth of your personal injury claim.

Statute of Limitations for Back Injury Claim in the Bronx

In New York, you’re generally given a three-year window from the accident’s date to initiate a personal injury lawsuit. However, certain conditions can extend this timeline. These include cases where you are a minor, incapacitated, or if the responsible party works for the government. 

An extension might also apply if the injuries were not immediately evident or you were unaware of your injuries. It’s crucial to remember that these extensions are not common, and acting swiftly to file your claim is advisable to secure your chance for fair compensation.

Moreover, failing to adhere to the statute of limitations could mean forfeiting your right to compensation. Our team of specialized car accident attorneys in the Bronx, NY, is here to clarify the deadlines relevant to your case and assist in ensuring you meet them.

Talk to Uptown Injury Law, PLLC Bronx Car Accident Attorneys For Free Today

Having someone who stands for your rights after your Bronx car accident can give you the emotional space necessary to focus on your recovery without the additional burdens of legal stress. 

Uptown Injury Law, PLLC can advocate for your rights and secure the compensation you deserve. Our experienced car accident attorneys have successfully settled more than 100 million dollars in personal injury claims for clients and are committed to doing the same for you. 

We will carefully investigate your case, negotiate with insurance providers, and work on a contingency basis so that you don’t have to pay unless we win your claim. Check out our numerous five-star reviews from satisfied clients who trusted us with their cases.

Don’t be pressured by insurance companies into accepting less than you deserve. Contact us today at 917-540-8728 or visit our website to schedule your FREE case evaluation

FAQs – Bronx Car Accident Back Injury Lawyer

Can I Get Compensated if I’m Partially at Fault for an Auto Accident?

Yes, you can still get compensation even if you were partially responsible for a car accident. Under the NYC comparative negligence laws, the compensation you receive may decrease depending on the extent of your fault. For instance, if you are only 20% liable for the crash, you can recover damages from the other party for the remaining 80%.

How Do I Know If I Have a Valid Car Accident Claim in the Bronx?

A valid car accident claim typically involves proving that the other party was responsible for the accident. Their negligence could be due to various factors, such as distracted driving or violating traffic laws. 

You should also be able to demonstrate that their negligence caused the crash and your injuries. Our Bronx car accident lawyers at Uptown Injury Law, PLLC can offer a FREE consultation to review the details of your case. This will include an evaluation of the injuries sustained, available evidence, and the viability of your claim.

How Does an Insurance Claim Process Work for Car Accidents in the Bronx?

After a motor vehicle accident, you or your lawyer must notify your insurance company about the incident. The process involves submitting a claim that includes details of the accident, such as evidence of damages and records of any injuries sustained. The insurance company will then start investigating the claim to establish fault and the extent of coverage. 

Following their investigation, the insurance company will propose a settlement offer. This is your chance to negotiate. Lastly, consult with a personal injury attorney at Uptown Injury Law, PLLC. We will guide you through your insurer’s initial settlement offer and ensure you get fair compensation.

What Should I Do if the Insurance Company Offers Me a Settlement Quickly?

You should not accept the first settlement from your insurer quickly. Instead, be cautious with quick settlement offers from insurance companies, as they may not fully reflect the extent of your injuries or damages.

An attorney can help assess whether the offer is fair. They can also negotiate on your behalf for maximum compensation that covers your lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages.

Can Family Members Initiate a Wrongful Death Lawsuit for a Fatal Car Accident in the Bronx?

Yes, certain family members (such as spouses, children, or other dependents) can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in the case of fatal car accidents. This compensation can cover losses such as funeral costs, loss of companionship, and lost future income. A personal injury law firm with experience in wrongful death cases can guide your family through this challenging process with sensitivity and expertise.

What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury and How Does It Impact Car Accident Claims?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can occur due to a violent blow to the head that leads to brain dysfunction, mostly in severe car accidents. TBIs can have long-term or permanent effects on an individual’s cognitive, physical, and emotional well-being. 

In legal claims, demonstrating the full impact of a TBI is crucial for securing adequate compensation for medical treatments, rehabilitation, and long-term care needs. At Uptown Injury Law, PLLC our team has years of experience in severe injury cases and can help you and your family manage these complex claims.

What Are the Charges to Hire a Bronx Car Accident Lawyer?

An experienced Bronx car accident attorney typically operates on a contingency fee basis, usually taking about 1/3rd of the settlement amount. This means they only receive payment if they successfully win your case. 

Moreover, the fee percentage can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the case, the attorney’s level of experience, and the total compensation being pursued.

How Long Do You Have to Report a Car Accident According to New York Law?

According to New York law, you must file your accident report within ten days from the accident date. If you don’t file a report, DMV may suspend your driver’s license until they receive your report. Therefore, you must fill out and file the Report of Motor Vehicle Accident immediately after the accident.


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Kyle Newman Founder and Senior Trial Lawyer at Uptown Injury Law New York's Best Personal Injury Medical Malpractice and Accident Law firm New York's Top Trial Lawyers

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