Hair Relaxer Lawsuit | 2023 Update

The connection between hair relaxers and cancer has become a growing concern for many women who use these products to achieve smooth and manageable hair. As the controversy surrounding this issue continues to gain attention, consumers are taking action by filing hair relaxer lawsuits against manufacturers.

These legal actions respond to the potentially harmful chemicals in hair relaxers and the lack of transparency regarding their safety.

In this context, using hair relaxers has become a source of anxiety for many individuals, and the ongoing lawsuits serve as a means of seeking justice and protecting public health.

So, if hair relaxers have affected you or a loved one with the risk of cancer, don’t hesitate to seek legal guidance and support. Contact Uptown Injury Law at 855-233-8728. Or check if you qualify for a hair relaxer cancer lawsuit here.

Hair Relaxers and Cancer | Dangerous Connection Unveiled by Research

Are hair relaxers putting you at risk for cancer? Recent scientific research suggests a troubling link between these chemical hair straightening products and hormone-related cancers in women.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute conducted a study that tracked women for over a decade. This Study analyzed women from diverse ethnicities and age groups.

“We’ve seen this association between hair straighteners and breast, ovarian, and now uterine cancer — it’s been a consistent finding among hormonally driven female reproductive cancers” – Dr. Alexandra White – Co-Author of the Study.

Chemical Hair Relaxers Linked to Uterine Cancer

A study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has shed light on the potential link between chemical hair relaxers and the risk of uterine cancer.

It found that women who used hair relaxers frequently had a higher risk of developing uterine fibroids, which can increase the risk of uterine cancer. In addition, various health issues such as reproductive and hormonal problems have been linked to the chemicals used in hair relaxers, including lye and other harsh compounds.

Furthermore, the research revealed that women who used hair relaxers regularly or at least four times a year were more likely to develop uterine cancer.

It also states that chemical hair relaxer products could potentially contribute to the increased incidence of uterine cancer among women, particularly among African American women who are more likely to use these products.

Although researchers still need to conduct more studies to fully understand the relationship between cancer and hair relaxers, the study emphasizes the need to increase awareness of the potential health risks associated with these products.

Chemical Hair Straighteners and Breast Cancer

Research has shown a potential link between hair relaxer products and an increased risk of breast cancer.

It analyzed data from the Sister Study, a follow-up study of more than 50,000 women in the USA and Puerto Rico who had a sister diagnosed with breast cancer.

The researchers examined data from 46,709 women who provided information on using chemical hair straighteners and other hair products.

In addition, the researchers found that women who used hair relaxer products were 9% more likely to develop breast cancer than those who did not use these products. Women who used chemical hair straighteners or relaxers every 5 to 8 weeks and those who used them for longer periods had a higher risk.

Latest Updates on Hair Relaxer Lawsuit

March 2023

March 16, 2023, 78 hair relaxer lawsuits have been filed in the class action MDL this month. It is expected that these cases will grow more in the upcoming months.

Judge Mary Rowland held a status conference on March 11, 2023, allowing the parties involved in the hair relaxer lawsuit to meet and discuss matters such as:

  • Judge Rowland allowed the plaintiffs to file a consolidated complaint, submit proposals, and set March 31 as the deadline.
  • They agreed to talk about coordinating between federal and state courts, probate matters, preserving evidence, and protecting information.

February 2023

February 27, 2023, around twenty-four new chemical hair relaxer lawsuits were filed. This is the highest number of hair relaxer cancer cases in a week, and we expect a lot more in the future.

February 16, 2023, plaintiffs filed seven lawsuits in the Northern District of Illinois, and three other lawsuits were filed in federal courts throughout the US.

February 7, 2023, a day before, the hair relaxer MDL was approved, which will now consolidate all hair relaxer class action lawsuits under the jurisdiction of Judge Mary Rowland in the district of Illinois.

January 2023

On January 19, 2023, plaintiffs filed two more hair relaxer lawsuits in the federal courts of the Northern District of Illinois and the Western District of Washington.

January 17, 2023, the plaintiffs filed a motion in reply to the defendants’ opposition to hair relaxer MDL. Considering the increasing number of hair relaxer lawsuits they are being consolidated into hair relaxer class action lawsuit. Moreover, the plaintiffs also requested hair relaxer litigation in the Northern District of Illinois.

On January 15, 2023, seven more hair relaxer lawsuits were filed in Ohio, Michigan, Louisiana, and Missouri federal courts. In these cases, seven plaintiffs stated they developed uterine cancer, one of them had ovarian cancer, and the remaining one stated uterine fibroids.

January 3, 2023, a new hair relaxer lawsuit is filed against L’oreal. The victim, a Black woman, a Missouri resident, alleged that she has been using L’oreal hair straightening products. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer a few months back due to long-term exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals and phthalates.

December 2022

More federal hair relaxer lawsuits were filed against L’oreal, Dabur, and other small hair relaxer manufacturers for causing uterine cancer, fibroids, and ovarian cancer.

December 29, 2022, a new hair relaxer uterine cancer lawsuit Sanders v. L’Oreal USA, Inc . et al. is filed against Softsheen, a subsidiary of L’oreal, in the northern district of Illinois. The plaintiff alleged that the endocrine disrupting chemicals in the hair relaxer products exposed her to uterine cancer.

December 26, 2022, five more chemical hair straightener lawsuits were filed. Two of these were uterine fibroid cases and the other three as uterine cancer. Furthermore, the JPML will decide to consolidate these cases into a hair relaxer class action lawsuit in the coming months.

December 20, 2022, almost 15 hair relaxer lawsuits are filed in federal courts nationwide. The JPML announced consolidating hair relaxer cases into a new class action lawsuit on January 26.

December 14, 2022, hair relaxer lawsuit defendants opposed the MDL, saying that the hair straightener lawsuits filed in federal courts have little to nothing in common.

This is incorrect because almost all hair relaxer cases had similar injuries, such as uterine cancer or uterine fibroids. Also, since more and more chemical hair straightener lawsuits are expected, it is impossible to avoid hair straightener MDL.

November 2022 Hair Relaxer Lawsuits Update

Around nine hair straightener lawsuits are filed in the northern district of Illinois, following the findings of Sister Study.

The victims allege that the toxic chemicals harm them in hair relaxer products. The defendants include L’oreal and Strength of Nature by Godrej Consumer Products.

November 29, 2022, the first hair relaxer fibroids lawsuit is filed by a victim named Keaira Gamble. She states that she has used hair relaxers since age 6, suffers from uterine fibroids, and underwent a myomectomy surgery in 2011. However, her fibroids recurred and caused her extreme pain.

November 26, 2022, a group of plaintiffs filed a hair relaxer class action lawsuit motion. These women state they are exposed to hair relaxer chemicals and request medical monitoring to detect cancer in its early stages.

Toxic Chemicals in Hair Relaxer Products

When chemical hair relaxers are applied, they can cause damage to the scalp, which can lead to the absorption of these chemicals into the bloodstream.

Once in the body, these chemicals can interfere with hormonal balance and potentially contribute to the development of uterine cancer, fibroids, endometrial or breast cancer.

Additionally, several chemicals found in hair relaxer products have been linked to potential health risks, including cancer. Some of the key toxic substances that have been associated with cancer are:

  • Formaldehyde – is a known human carcinogen often used in hair relaxers to help straighten the hair. It has been linked to a higher risk of leukemia and other cancers.
  • Lye – a strong alkaline chemical used in many chemical hair straighteners to break down the chemical bonds in the hair.
  • Phthalate: chemicals commonly used in hair products, including relaxers, to help keep them soft and pliable. They have been linked to breast cancer and reproductive problems in women.
  • Parabens: a group of chemicals used as preservatives in many hair products, including relaxers.
  • Lead: a toxic heavy metal that has been found in some hair straighteners. It can cause various health problems, including an increased risk of cancer.

Toxic Chemicals in Hair Relaxer Products - Hair Relaxer Lawsuit March 2023 Update - Uptown Injury Law PLLC New York City - Kyle Newman Esq

Are Hair Relaxers FDA-approved?

The FDA regulates relaxers as cosmetics, and as such, they are not subject to the same pre-market approval process as drugs or medical devices.

However, the FDA regulates the safety of cosmetics, including chemical hair relaxers, and can take action against products found to be unsafe or mislabeled.

Moreover, following the recent hair relaxer lawsuit litigation, on Feb 5, EPA approved plasticizers such as DINP, found in hair relaxing products, to its list of hazardous chemicals.

Hair Relaxer Class Action Multidistrict Litigation

In a hair relaxer class action MDL, a group of people with similar claims against a hair relaxer manufacturer comes together to file a lawsuit as a group.

Since hair relaxer cancer lawsuits are still in the early stages of litigation, many more similar cases are expected to rise in the coming months. Hence, a hair relaxer MDL is the best way to solve these cases.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier in the updates, the same court in Illinois will house all hair relaxer MDLs, and Judge Mary Rowland will exercise jurisdiction over them.

Hair Relaxer Advocacy and Awareness Efforts

According to the American Cancer Society, it was estimated that about 66,570 new cases of uterine cancer would be diagnosed in the US in 2022. These stats were pretty shocking.

Because the problem is, not many women are aware, especially black women are suffering from uterine cancer or fibroids due to harmful chemicals in hair straightening and relaxing products, which are an essential part of their beauty regime.

After NIH published its Study on the link between hair-relaxing products and cancer, the hair care brands are trying their best to get away with their negligence. Even big corporations like L’oreal are trying their best to put the issue under the rug.

But hair relaxer lawyers are spreading awareness about the issue through various channels, including newspapers, television channels, YouTube, social media, and more.

As lawyers, we particularly focus on supporting Black women who are disproportionately affected by the health risks associated with hair relaxing and straightening products and fighting on their behalf to help them.

Who Can File a Hair Relaxer Cancer Lawsuit?

Who Can File a Hair Relaxer Cancer Lawsuit? - Hair Relaxer Lawsuit March 2023 Update - Uptown Injury Law PLLC New York City - Kyle Newman Esq

Individuals diagnosed with cancer after using hair relaxer products may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers of these products.

Any individual who has suffered harm due to a hair relaxer product can file a product liability lawsuit.

However, those diagnosed with cancer, such as uterine cancer, fibroids, and ovarian cancer, are particularly likely to have a strong case.

In general, to be eligible to file a hair relaxer lawsuit, plaintiffs must be able to prove that:

  • They used hair relaxer products that contained harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, over a period of time.
  • The plaintiffs must be diagnosed with reproductive cancers, such as uterine and ovarian cancer, and fibroids, which can be linked to exposure to these chemicals.
  • The hair relaxer products contained toxic chemicals, and the manufacturer knew or should have known about the risks associated with these products.
  • The victim faced wrongful death or underwent severe medical procedures that impacted their quality of life and relationships, such as going through a hysterectomy and facing permanent infertility.

Which Damages Can You Recover in a Chemical Hair Relaxer Lawsuit?

If you have suffered harm from using chemical hair relaxers such as uterine cancer, fibroids, ovarian cancer, or reproductive cancers, you may be able to recover different types of damages in a lawsuit, depending on the nature and extent of your injuries.

Some of the damages you may be able to recover in a chemical hair relaxer lawsuit include the following:

Medical expenses: You can recover the cost involving medical attention that you need as a result of your injuries, such as hospital stays, doctor visits, prescription medications, and rehabilitation.

Lost wages: You may be able to recover lost wages and future earning capacity if your injuries caused you to miss work or made it impossible for you to work.

Pain and suffering: You may be able to recover damages for physical pain, emotional distress, and other non-economic losses you suffered as a result of your injuries.

Punitive damages: In some cases, you may recover punitive damages. The intention of these charges is to punish the manufacturer for their conduct and to deter others from engaging in similar behavior in the future.

However, remember that since each case is different, the specific damages you can recover will depend on the circumstances of your case and the laws of your jurisdiction.

Role of Expert Witness Testimony for Hair Relaxer Lawsuits

Expert witnesses are individuals with specialized knowledge or experience in a particular field, such as medicine or toxicology, who can provide testimony based on their expertise.

It can be crucial in hair relaxer lawsuits, as it can help establish a link between the use of hair relaxing products and cancer development.

Expert witnesses may be called upon to testify about various aspects of hair relaxer lawsuits such as:

  • The chemical composition of relaxers and the potential health risks associated with exposure to these chemicals.
  • Proof of scientific research that has been conducted on the link between relaxer products and cancer.
  • Medical diagnosis and treatment of cancer, including other types of cancers linked to these products.
  • Potential long-term effects of exposure to hair-relaxing chemicals on an individual’s health.

Furthermore, the prosecution may call upon expert witnesses to refute testimony from the defense or provide clarification on intricate scientific or medical matters.

How Much Compensation Can You Get In Hair Relaxer Lawsuits?

Since hair relaxer and cancer lawsuits are still in early litigation, there are no exact figures to determine hair relaxer lawsuit settlement. According to Uptown Injury hair relaxer lawyers, the potential value of these lawsuits can range from $300,000 to $1,750,000.

Furthermore, the amount of compensation you may be able to receive in a hair relaxer lawsuit depends on the different factors of your case.

As a victim you can recover:

Economic Damages

  • Hospital visits, medical treatments, prescription bills, chemotherapy, etc.
  • Lost income from being unable to work

Non-Economic Damages

  • Emotional suffering
  • Funeral costs in case of wrongful death
  • Punitive charges for holding the manufacturers accountable for negligence

Contact Uptown Injury Law to File Hair Relaxer Cancer Lawsuits

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Moreover, our skilled product liability lawyers have a deep understanding of the intricate legal issues involved in such cases. We’re here to fight for your rights, from collecting evidence to obtaining expert testimony and representing you in court.

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