Lyft Accident Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

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You’re using Lyft for your daily commute and are suddenly involved in a serious accident. The crash, not your fault, has resulted in severe injuries to you. Beyond the emotional trauma of the future rides, you’re now left with mounting medical bills, physical pain, and potential loss of income. 

The good news is Lyft covers its drivers, passengers, and third-party entities with liability coverage of up to $1 Million. In this guide, you’ll learn everything related to Lyft insurance claims, such as:

  • How Lyft insurance works 
  • The claims filing process 
  • How long it takes to resolve your claim 
  • How can you maximize your potential settlement

When to File a Lyft Accident Lawsuit?

Each case is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer for the suitable timeframe to file a Lyft accident lawsuit. Generally, you should seek legal advice immediately after the crash, as there are time limits for filing a claim. If you cannot reach a fair settlement with the Lyft insurance company, you can file a lawsuit to recover the compensation you deserve.

However, if you’re unsure how to proceed with your Lyft insurance claim, contact our Lyft accident lawyers at Uptown Injury Law, PLLC, at 917-540-8728 to schedule a free consultation. We will review the specifics of your case and guide the best course of action.

What Is the Process of Filing a Lyft Accident Lawsuit?

If you are a Lyft passenger facing the aftermath of a rideshare accident, seek medical attention promptly and document any injuries and evidence. Next, you should contact a Lyft accident attorney to file an accident claim against Lyft’s insurer. 

Here are the detailed steps on how to file a Lyft accident lawsuit:

Step 1: Seek Medical Attention

Your health should be your top priority. If you suffered injuries in a Lyft car accident, you should first seek immediate medical attention. Not only is it essential for your well-being, but it also helps document your injuries for the claims process.

Step 2: Contact a Lyft Accident Lawyer

It’s highly recommended to consult with a seasoned Lyft car accident lawyer for legal guidance. A seasoned attorney can help you with the legal procedures related to Lyft accidents and guide you through your case. They are beneficial in helping you negotiate a fair Lyft settlement that covers all your losses.

Step3: Report the Accident to Lyft

Promptly reporting the incident to Lyft is essential, and this can be done using their online accident reporting system. However, it’s essential to proceed with caution. Direct interactions with Lyft’s claims department could affect your case’s outcome. 

Therefore, it’s strongly recommended that you discuss the matter with your Lyft accident attorney prior to reaching out to Lyft. This will ensure your communication is strategically aligned with your legal interests.

Step 4: Investigate the Accident and Negotiate with Lyft’s Insurance Company

Your Lyft accident lawyer will conduct a complete investigation to determine liability. They will collect evidence like medical records, police reports, and other documents to build a strong case.

Once your lawyer has a solid case, they will negotiate with Lyft’s insurance company to secure a fair settlement. Your lawyer will advocate for liability insurance coverage to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Step 5: File a Lawsuit Against Lyft if Necessary:

Sometimes, if a settlement with Lyft isn’t possible, your attorney might recommend filing a lawsuit. While this process can take longer, your lawyer will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you choose the best path for your case.

In a lawsuit, you’ll be actively involved in the legal proceedings. This typically includes attending court hearings and giving a testimony about how the Lyft accident affected your life. Your personal testimony can be a powerful part of your case.

If the court rules in your favor, you could receive compensation as determined by the judge or jury. This financial compensation aims to cover your medical costs, lost wages, and other losses due to the accident. Your attorney will ensure you receive the total compensation you deserve.

Eligibility for Filing a Lyft Accident Claim

If you find yourself in a Lyft accident, you might claim compensation from its insurance company. The following individuals can claim compensation in Lyft car accidents:

  • Injured as a Passenger, Pedestrian, or Cyclist: Whether you were a passenger in another vehicle or walking as a pedestrian and got hit by a Lyft driver.
  • Lyft Passengers in an Accident: If you were a passenger in a Lyft during an accident, regardless of who was at fault.
  • Rideshare Drivers Injured by Others: As a rideshare driver, if you sustained bodily injuries in an accident caused by another driver or pedestrian.

While being eligible to file a claim is a critical first step, the actual value of your claim is a different matter. The value hinges on the nature and severity of your injuries. Different injuries can lead to vastly different settlement amounts and verdicts.

How Much Coverage Can You Get In a Lyft Insurance Claim?

If you’re in a Lyft accident, the amount of insurance coverage you can receive from Lyft depends on your Lyft app status when the accident occurred.

Here are the three stages of the Lyft app and the corresponding insurance coverage:

1. Driver not logged into the application

If the accident occurred when the Lyft driver was not logged into the app, then you cannot seek compensation from Lyft’s insurance carrier. Instead, you must claim compensation from the driver’s private insurance provider.

2. Driver logged into the application and waited for a passenger

If an accident happens while the driver awaits a ride request, the insurance policy provides limited coverage for injuries and losses. The policy covers bodily damages or death for up to $100,000 per accident and $50,000 per person and property damages of up to $25,000 per accident. 

However, the insurance is considered secondary coverage, and you must claim compensation from the driver’s insurance provider first. If the damages exceed the driver’s insurance limits, you can claim Lyft’s policy for excess medical bills and other losses.

3. The driver logged into the application and accepted a ride request

Lyft has a $1 million insurance policy that starts when the driver accepts a ride, even if the driver has not yet picked you up. This coverage extends until the driver drops you off at the specified location. 

Moreover, if you’re in an accident while riding a Lyft vehicle, you can claim benefits from the $1 million insurance policy. However, you must make a claim with the driver’s insurance provider first. If their insurance policy cannot cover your damages, you can seek compensation from Lyft’s insurer.

Other Parties Who Can Be Liable in Lyft Accident Lawsuit

If you’re a victim of a Lyft accident, you can seek compensation from the individual(s) who contributed to the accident. This can include the Lyft driver, another vehicle’s driver, a pedestrian, or even a government agency for faulty road design. However, mostly, the defendant in a Lyft accident case is the Lyft driver or insurance company.

In cases where the Lyft driver did not cause the accident, it may not be possible to recover compensation from Lyft. The liability for the accident also depends on the driver’s status on the Lyft app at the time of the incident. 

This means the company’s liability may be limited if the driver was not online or didn’t accept a ride when the accident occurred. On the contrary, if the driver accepted the ride and caused the accident, Lyft may be liable for any resulting damages.

To understand your legal options and reach a fair settlement, consult a Lyft accident lawyer. They can guide you through the process and ensure you receive the maximum compensation.

No-Fault Benefits in New York: How Do They Affect Your Lyft Accident Case?

No-fault benefits in New York can affect your Lyft accident case in several ways. If you suffer injuries in a NYC Lyft accident, you may qualify for no-fault or PIP coverage through your insurer or the rideshare company’s policy. These benefits can reimburse your medical expenses, lost income, and other expenses linked to your Lyft accident injuries.

In New York, PIP coverage covers the following:

Medical and Rehabilitation CostsCovered if reasonable and necessary
Lost Earnings from WorkReimbursed at 80%, up to $2,000/month for 3 years
Other ExpensesCovered up to $25/day for 1 year
Basic No-Fault Limit$50,000 per person
Wrongful Death Cases$2,000 death benefit + $50,000 basic no-fault limit

However, if you want to sue Lyft or the driver involved in the accident, you must prove that you have a severe injury under New York law. It’s best to consult an experienced Uptown Injury Law, PLLC lawyer, to learn about your legal options.

What Is the Average Settlement Amount for a Lyft Passenger?

Lyft accident cases, Lyft drivers, Lyft accidents

In general, personal injury settlements against Lyft can range from approximately $100,000 to $1 million. The average Lyft accident settlement amount depends on factors like your injuries’ severity and other factors that affect the specific amount you receive.

However, note that rideshare companies like Lyft do not publicly disclose exact settlement amounts. They tend to keep their legal affairs private and typically don’t share details regarding lawsuit settlements.

What Is the Deadline for Filing a Lyft Accident Claim in NYC?

The filing deadline for a Lyft accident claim in NYC is generally up to three years from the accident date. However, preparing a claim can take many months, so you should file the claim as soon as possible to avoid any delays or complications in the process.

In addition, lawyers may refuse to take your case if your statute of limitations is only a few months or days away. This is because the risk of errors increases with shorter deadlines, making malpractice more likely. Good lawyers don’t want to take risky cases where they have to tackle complicated accident cases in shorter deadlines.

Insurance adjusters are aware of this and may intentionally drag out and use up your time, putting you in a difficult situation. Thus, hire an attorney early on to avoid being taken advantage of by tricky insurance adjusters.

How Much Time Does It Take To Settle a Lyft Accident Lawsuit?

A Lyft accident claim can take anywhere from a few months to 2 years to be resolved, depending on several factors. For example:

  • The healing process for minor to moderate injuries and treatment completion can take 3 to 6 months. Meanwhile, severe injuries can extend this time frame.
  • Preparing a demand package to send out to an insurance company can take an attorney up to 2 weeks. After sending it, you can get a response within a month.
  • The negotiating process could take 1 to 3 months or even longer if the claim is complex.
  • After settling, it may take 2-6 weeks to receive the settlement check from Lyft’s insurance.

How Can a Lyft Accident Lawyer Help You Maximize Compensation?

If you have been in a Lyft accident, our Uptown Injury Law PLLC attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve. They understand the accident’s impact on your life and will work tirelessly to win fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Our Lyft accident lawyers will investigate your case thoroughly, looking for instances of negligence and mistakes made by the Lyft driver that caused the accident. They will examine whether the driver’s car had regular inspections and met Lyft’s safety standards at the time of the accident. If the car was not inspected on time or had faulty equipment, this could strengthen the Lyft driver’s liability for your accident.

To build a strong case, our Lyft injury lawyers will obtain inspection and maintenance receipts for the Lyft vehicle involved in your accident. They will also interview additional witnesses and find additional evidence to support your case.

Additionally, our lawyers will use their legal expertise to negotiate with Lyft and insurance companies on your behalf. With our help, you can maximize your compensation and get the justice you deserve.

Maximize Your Compensation with Our Expertise – Contact Us Today!

If you’re looking for justice and fair compensation after your Lyft accident, consider Uptown Injury Law, PLLC. Here’s why:

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What Is Lyft’s Insurance Coverage for Rideshare Accidents?

Lyft provides liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused by their drivers. It also provides uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage of up to $1 million. However, the amount of coverage depends on the driver’s status on the app during the accident.

What Is the Minimum Liability Coverage Required by Lyft?

Lyft requires its drivers to have liability coverage of at least $50,000 per individual for bodily injuries, $100,000 per crash for bodily injuries, and $25,000 for property damage. 
Liability coverage is mandatory, and you can claim it through the driver’s insurer or Lyft’s insurance coverage. This requirement is in place to ensure the safety and protection of all parties involved in a Lyft ride.

What Compensation Can You Receive for Pain and Suffering in a Lyft Accident Case?

If you suffer physical pain, mental anguish, or post-traumatic stress disorder due to a Lyft accident, you can receive pain and suffering compensation. Our personal injury attorneys at Uptown Injury Law, PLLC, can help you determine the compensation you can receive.

Can I Sue an At-Fault Lyft Driver for My Injuries and Damages?

Yes, you can sue an at-fault Lyft driver for medical costs, lost wages, future medical expenses, and other economic damages. An experienced rideshare accident attorney at Uptown Injury Law, PLLC, can help you with your case and obtain the compensation you deserve.

What Is Contributory Negligence in a Lyft Accident Case?

If the court determines that your actions played a partial role in the Lyft accident, you will be found guilty of contributory negligence. Unfortunately, this means you might receive less compensation than you would if the other party was entirely at fault. The court can reduce your compensation if you’re only partly responsible for it.

What Is the Process for Filing a Lyft Accident Claim?

Firstly, seek medical attention and document your injuries or other losses. Then, contact an experienced car accident attorney who can help you file the claim and gather evidence. They can also negotiate with Lyft’s insurer to ensure you receive fair compensation.

Can Lyft Deny Your Insurance Claim?

Yes, Lyft can deny claims if they determine the accident was not their driver’s fault. They can also deny claims if their insurance policy doesn’t cover the driver or if you did not file the claim within the specified deadline. However, you can deal with these claim denials with the help of a seasoned Lyft accident lawyer.

What Is Third-Party Liability in a Lyft Accident Case?

Third-party liability is when someone other than the Lyft driver is responsible for the accident. In this case, you can file a claim against the responsible party’s insurance company for compensation. An experienced Uptown Injury Law, PLLC personal injury attorney, can help you with this process.


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