What Should I Do if I Was Injured in a Fedex Truck Accident in New York?

If you get injured in a Fedex truck accident in New York, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention immediately. Afterward, make sure to gather important information, such as the truck driver’s name, license plate number, and insurance details. Next, contact the police to file a report and document the full accident scene with photos or videos. Additionally, notify Fedex company about your accident and consult with our truck accident lawyer to protect your rights and seek compensation.

If you get in a FedEx truck accident in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, or the NYC Metro Area, Uptown Injury Law, PLLC is here for you. Our experienced truck accident lawyers have 15+ years of expertise and have secured over $100 million for our clients. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your accident case and explore your legal options.

 What Do To If You Get Hit In a New York Fedex Truck Accident?

If you’re involved in a FedEx truck accident in New York, prioritize your safety and well-being first. Seek prompt medical attention for yourself and others involved. Next, take steps to protect your legal rights and potential compensation by following these guidelines:

Call the Police Officer and File an Accident Report

The first and most fundamental step is to call the police and file an accident report. This official report will serve as important evidence for your insurance claim and legal actions. Fully cooperate with the police officer and provide accurate details of the accident scene to ensure a thorough investigation.

Get a Medical Evaluation By the Paramedics

Seek a medical evaluation by paramedics or visit a healthcare facility as soon as possible, even if you don’t initially feel any symptoms. This is because some injuries may not be immediately apparent, and documenting them early is essential for your health and legal case. Follow all recommended medical treatments and keep records of your medical expenses.

Exchange Insurance and Contact Details With Other Vehicle Drivers

Once you’ve ensured everyone’s safety, you’ll need to exchange the following information with other vehicles involved in the accident, such as: 

  • Names and addresses 
  • Phone numbers
  • Insurance policy numbers
  • Vehicle license plate numbers 

This data will be necessary for filing insurance claims and pursuing compensation for damages.

Document the Overall Accident Scene Using Your Smartphone

Use your smartphone to document the entire accident scene thoroughly. Take pictures and videos from multiple angles, capture the vehicles involved, damage sustained, road conditions, traffic signals, and any relevant landmarks. This visual proof can support your version of events and strengthen your insurance claim.

Avoid Posting Your Injuries on Social Media

Refrain from sharing details or photos of your injuries on social media platforms. At first, you might believe that sharing details of your accident will prove your injuries and damages or even offer validation among friends and family. However, this can harm your claim. 

Even casual comments like “It wasn’t that bad” or “It looks worse than it really was” can give insurance companies and the opposing party a chance to question the severity of your injuries or deny your claim. Therefore, you must avoid discussing any aspect of the accident publicly until you consult your personal injury attorney.

Limit Communication With Insurance Adjusters

Be cautious when communicating with insurance adjusters representing Fedex or other involved parties. Avoid providing recorded statements or signing any legal documents without consulting with a skilled personal injury attorney first. Insurance companies may attempt to minimize your accident claim or shift blame onto you, so it’s necessary to have expert guidance throughout the process.

Keep all the Medical Bills And Wage Statements to Prove your Damages

Keep thorough records of all medical bills, receipts, and wage statements related to your injury and recovery process. This is because these documents serve as evidence of your economic losses and can help calculate the extent of your damages, including medical treatment expenses, lost wages, and future treatment costs.

Consult With a Skilled Fedex Truck Accident Attorney

Finally, seek the guidance of our skilled Fedex truck accident attorney at Uptown Injury Law, PLLC. Our team has experience handling similar cases in New York. We can provide valuable legal advice, negotiate with big insurance companies on your behalf, and represent your interests in court if necessary. Moreover, we will work diligently to ensure you receive fair compensation for your bodily injuries, property damages, and emotional suffering.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Your Fedex Truck Accident?

Determining liability in FedEx truck accidents depends on various factors, such as the cause of the accident and who was at fault. Potential parties that could be held liable are: 

  • The Fedex delivery truck driver, if their negligence or reckless driving caused the accident.
  • Fedex Corporation, if the accident occurred due to inadequate training, maintenance issues, or company policies that encourage unsafe driving practices.
  • Third-party contractors, responsible for maintaining or loading the Fedex truck, if their negligence contributed to the accident.

Damages You Can Claim in Your Fedex Truck Accident Lawsuit

In your FedEx truck accident lawsuit, you can claim different types of damages to compensate for your losses and suffering. These may include:

  • Medical expenses to cover all your current and future medical treatments and therapy. 
  • Loss of earnings due to time taken off work for recovery.
  • Emotional suffering and mental anguish. 
  • Reimbursement for replacement or repair of damaged vehicles or other property.
  • Loss of consortium due to injuries affecting personal relationships.
  • Long-term or permanent injuries resulting in a diminished quality of life or ability to work.
  • Wrongful death damages such as funeral and burial costs. 

At Uptown Injury Law PLLC, we will help you identify all potentially liable parties to recover your economic and non-economic damages. So that you can obtain the top compensation you’re entitled to. Contact us now at 917-540-8728 to get a free consultation.

How Do the New York Laws Impact the Fedex Liability in a Crash?

FedEx delivery truck accidents

In New York, laws regarding liability in FedEx truck accidents can significantly impact your case outcome. New York follows a “no-fault” system, which means that regardless of who’s at fault for the accident, your own insurance typically covers your medical treatment expenses and lost wages up to a certain limit. 

However, if your injuries exceed the “serious injury” threshold set by the NY state, you may step outside of the no-fault rule and pursue a claim against the at-fault party, including FedEx or its driver, for additional damages such as pain and suffering.

Moreover, New York’s comparative negligence rule holds multiple parties accountable for an accident based on their respective levels of fault. This means that even if the FedEx driver is partially responsible for the crash, other involved parties, such as other motor vehicle drivers may also be held accountable. These laws influence how liability is determined and how compensation is distributed in FedEx truck accident cases in New York.

Common Causes of Fedex Truck Accidents In NY

Fedex truck accidents in New York can occur due to various factors, often leading to severe injuries and property damage. These factors involve the following, such as: 

  • Driver fatigue from long hours on the road
  • Speeding and aggressive driving behavior
  • Distracted driving, such as messaging or using GPS devices
  • Inexperienced or poorly trained Fedex drivers
  • Overloaded or improperly loaded cargo
  • Poor visibility due to adverse weather conditions
  • Failure to properly maintain or inspect Fedex vehicles
  • Failure to yield the right of way to other vehicles
  • Reckless lane changes or improper merging
  • Defective truck parts or equipment
  • Tailgating and following too closely
  • Failure to adhere to NY traffic laws and regulations.

How to Secure Compensation Following a Fedex Truck Crash in New York? 

If you’ve been involved in a Fedex truck crash in New York, securing compensation for your injuries and damages is essential for your recovery. Here are two primary ways to pursue compensation:

File a Claim With FedEx Insurance Company

  • Contact the Fedex trucking company as soon as possible to begin the claims process.
  • Provide them with all relevant information about the accident, including documentation of your injuries and damages.
  • Work closely with the insurance adjuster to negotiate a fair compensation offer that fully covers your losses.

By Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in the Court

  • If negotiations with Fedex’s insurance company fail to result in fair compensation, you may consider filing a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Consult with a proficient personal injury lawyer who has experience handling Fedex truck accident cases in New York.
  • Your attorney will gather evidence, build a strong case on your behalf, and represent you in court to pursue maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

At Uptown Injury Law, PLLC, we’ll expertly guide you through the entire process of securing compensation following a FedEx truck crash in New York. 

Whether you choose to file a claim with Fedex’s insurance company or pursue a personal injury lawsuit, our experienced attorneys are here to provide guidance and representation every step of the way. We have a proven track history of helping accident victims seek the compensation they rightfully deserve for their injuries and damages. Schedule your free consultation now.

Is It Worth Hiring a Fedex Truck Accident Lawyer? 

Yes, hiring a FedEx truck accident lawyer from Uptown Injury Law, PLLC, is definitely worth it. Our legal team specializes in handling complex truck accident cases, including FedEx delivery trucks. With our expertise and experience, we can help you identify any legal issues related to your case, gather crucial evidence, and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

Fight for Your Rights: Seek Compensation for Your FedEx Truck Accident in New York!

If you’ve been involved in a FedEx truck accident in New York, you deserve justice and fair compensation for your losses. At Uptown Injury Law, PLLC, we understand the complexities of truck accident cases involving FedEx trucks and have a proven track history of success in securing maximum compensation for our clients. By choosing Uptown Injury Lawyers, you’ll benefit from:

  1. Expert Legal Representation: Our truck accident attorneys deeply understand New York’s laws and regulations regarding truck accidents. We’ll leverage our knowledge and expertise to build a strong case on your behalf.
  2. Thorough Investigation: We’ll conduct a detailed investigation to determine the cause of your FedEx truck accident. This includes gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and consulting with accident reconstruction experts if necessary.
  3. Results-Oriented Approach: We’re not afraid to take on large trucking companies like FedEx. Our team will fiercely advocate for your rights and work tirelessly to win the maximum compensation available for your injuries and damages.
  4. Personalized Attention: At Uptown Injury Law PLLC, you’re more than just a case number. We’re dedicated to providing support and keeping you updated at every stage of the legal process.
  5. No Fees Unless We Win: We know that dealing with the aftermath of a commercial truck accident can be financially stressful. That’s why we operate on a contingency fee structure. This means you won’t be responsible for any fees unless we successfully secure compensation for you.

So, don’t wait to pursue justice for your FedEx truck accident in New York. Contact our experienced Fedex truck accident lawyers now at 917-540-8728 for a 100% free consultation.


What Happens When a FedEx Driver Gets in an Accident?

When a FedEx truck driver is involved in an accident, FedEx’s insurance typically covers the damages. They may conduct an investigation to determine fault and assess liability. So, make sure to gather evidence and seek legal help to protect your rights and ensure fair compensation.

Can I Sue FedEx for a Truck Accident in New York?

Yes, you can sue FedEx for a truck accident in New York if their negligence or the negligence of their driver caused your accident. In such cases, a skilled injury attorney can help you establish Fedex liability, handle the legal process, and get compensation for your injuries and damages.

What if I Was Partially at Fault for the FedEx Truck Accident?

In New York, you can still pursue compensation for a FedEx truck accident even if you were partially at fault. However, your total recovery may be reduced based on your percentage of fault. 

For example, if you were found to be 20% at fault for the FedEx truck accident, your compensation would be reduced by 20%. This means if your total damages were $50,000, you would get $30,000 after the deduction for your portion of the fault.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After a FedEx Truck Accident?

In NY, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit after a FedEx truck accident is generally three years from the accident date. However, consulting with an accident attorney as soon as possible is necessary to ensure you meet all deadlines and preserve your legal rights.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Fedex Truck Accident Lawyer in New York?

Many FedEx truck accident lawyers in New York work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay any upfront costs. Instead, the attorney’s fees are contingent upon successfully recovering compensation for you. 

Typically, the attorney will receive a 33.33 to 40% of the settlement or verdict obtained on your behalf, making legal representation accessible regardless of your financial situation.

How Can I Prove FedEx’s Liability in a Truck Accident Claim?

In order to prove FedEx’s liability in a truck accident claim, you must conduct a thorough investigation and gather strong evidence. Begin by obtaining accident reports, witness statements, and surveillance footage. Additionally, analyzing the truck’s maintenance records and driver logs can help you validate your claim. 

Consulting with accident reconstruction experts and documenting road conditions further strengthens your case, allowing your attorney to effectively establish FedEx’s liability and advocate for your rightful compensation.


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Kyle Newman Founder and Senior Trial Lawyer at Uptown Injury Law New York's Best Personal Injury Medical Malpractice and Accident Law firm New York's Top Trial Lawyers

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